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Library of Support Documentation

On this page we have brought together the support material for our rules. This comprises Updates and Clarifications, Quick Reference Sheets, Rules Support Packages, new Game Data and other "useful stuff". The documents are grouped here by type. If you want to find everything that applies to an individual title, then the relevant documents appear on the individual product pages. In each of the following sections the documentation is laid out in alphabetical order according to the title. They are all PDF documents unless otherwise noted.

When accessing the files laid out below, the following rules apply:

If you Left-click on a link it will open in a new Tab.

If you Right-click you will see more options about what to do with this file. If you want to download the file to save onto your computer use the menu option 'save link as...' (on a Windows PC) or the equivalent on a Mac.

Updates and Clarifications

In this section you can find the updates for the current editions of our rules. If you need updates for earlier editions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.These documents are largely Errata and Clarifications, though there are other Updates as well.

TITLE Update Files
Action Stations Action Stations Errata Sheet 4 (July 2018)
Aerial Battles 1915-1918 Aerial Battles 1915-1918 Edition 1.0 Errata Sheet (January 2020) (Corrections to the Anti Aircraft Rules - incorporated in Edition 1.1)
  Aerial Battles 1915-1918 Clarification (Use of Orders - March 2020)
Aerial Battles 1939-1945 Aerial Battles 1939-1945 Clarification (v.2. - January 2023)
  Aerial Battles 1939-1945 Edited page 8 (v.1. - January 2023)
  Aerial Battles 1939-1945 Edited page 21 (v.2. - January 2023)
Bulldogs Away!! No updates at the moment
Fighting Fleets Fighting Fleets Data corrections (v2 - 2005)
Fire When Ready Fire When Ready Corrections (v2.2 - 2008)
Form Line of Battle Revised Gunnery Results table (2014)
  Revised Boarding Rules for all earlier editions (issued April 2020)
Fox Two Reheat! Text Correction (April 2014)
  Clarification about ECM and Stealth (April 2014)
Grand Fleet Actions in the Age of Sail Rule Revisions (July 2013)
Iron and Fire No updates at the moment
Jutland Rule Updates for earlier editions (issued July 2018)
Officer's Handbook Issue 2 Revised Challenge Rules for Issue 2
Perfidious Albion Dockyard Manual corrections to Quickfirer calculations (29 May 2021)
Salamis ad Actium Rules Expansion - Unsupported Rams (23 December 2021)
  Rules Expansion Background and Explanation (15 January 2022)
Scramble II No updates at the moment
Stations Manned and Ready II Stations Manned and Ready II Correction to Gunnery example
Stringbags No updates at the moment
Tsushima Tsushima 2nd Edition updates (January 2020)

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Rules Support Packages

Action Stations This file contains Firing and Fixed Torpedo Arc Indicators, Turn Templates and blank Ship Record Sheets.
Aerial Battles 1915-1918 This file contains a set of Tactical Cards and Templates.
Aerial Battles 1939-1945 This file contains a set of Tactical Cards and Templates.
Bulldogs Away This file contains Turn Templates, Markers and blank Ship Record Sheets.
Fire When Ready Firing Arc Indicators and blank Ship Record Sheets.
Form Line of Battle Templates for Wind Attitude, Firing Arc and Turn Indicators and blank Ship Record Sheets.
Fox Two Reheat! Blank Fighter and Bomber Record Sheets for use with these rules, as well as Squadron Campaign Rosters to record aircraft and aircrew, Missions flown and their success.
Grand Fleet Actions in the Age of Sail Gunnery, Turning, and Sailing Templates, a Wind Arrow, Game Markers and blank Squadron Record Sheets.
Iron and Fire Turning Circles (x2 for inch and centimetre movement), Firing Arcs, and blank Ship Record Sheets for five ship types.
Jutland Gunnery and Torpedo Firing Arc Templates, a Turning Template and blank Ship and Aircraft Record Sheets.
Officer's Handbook Issue 2 A set of Tactical Cards for use with these rules.
Perfidious Albion Templates for Fort, Commerce Raid and Shore Bombardment Targets, Torpedo Fire Templates, Turning Circles and a “Move Stick”, as well as blank Ship Record Grids.
Salamis ad Actium Turn and Missile fire Templates and Squadron Record Sheets.
Scramble II Turn Templates, Blank Record Sheets and a set of Tactical Cards.
Stations Manned and Ready II (Zip File - 17MB) This file contains a number of supporting PDFs including templates, 9 starter battles and information about how to use the ship data sheets for these rules. An itemised list of the contents can be found on the Stations Manned and Ready II product page, and the individual files can be downloaded in the Stations Manned and Ready II section of Other Stuff below.
Stringbags Blank Fighter and Bomber Record Sheets for use with these rules, as well as Squadron Campaign Rosters to record aircraft and aircrew, Missions flown and their success.
Tsushima Gunnery and Torpedo Firing Arc Templates, a Turning Template and blank Ship Record Sheets, as well as pre-prepared Ship Record Sheets to let you to play the Battle of Tsushima.

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Other Stuff

Fire When Ready

Additional Rules (2005) Additional Rules: These incorporate detailed rules for signalling, rescuing survivors of sinking ships, and use of captive balloons.
Campaign Rules (2005) Campaign Rules.
Sailing Rules (2005) Sailing Rules.

Fox Two Reheat!

Expanded Stealth Rules (2009) To take account of Stealth Technology we have prepared these additional rules.
Turning Templates Templates for use when manoeuvring aircraft. These are calibrated in centimeters and inches and have 30 and 60 degree angles.

Grand Fleet Actions in the Age of Sail

Chance Cards (2006) Chance Cards provide random events to expand the game.

Iron and Fire

Additional Rules (2016) Additional rules including a Campaign system for the American Civil War, and Gun Firing Tables for Shore batteries are available. These can be used to add an extra dimension to your games and can be downloaded here (revised 25 April 2016)
Chance Cards (2015) For added excitement this set of Chance Cards can be used during play.
Red River Blues Solo Rules (2005) These Solo rules are intended to introduce you to the rules. These were written for the earlier editions of the rules, but are equally applicable to the 3rd Edition.
Sailing Rules (2018) Earlier Editions of the Iron and Fire also had rules for the use of Sail Power. These have been updated and are available to download here; the document includes the Sailing Circle.

Perfidious Albion

Campaign System (2004) Additional rules for organising a Campaign.
Victorian Fantasy Rules (2004) These rules allow the player to engage extra terrestrial invaders based on H.G.Wells' "War of the Worlds".
Air Warfare in its Infancy (2004) These rules are broadly based on H.G.Wells' book "War in the Air" and introduce the use of extremely early types of aircraft and balloons into your battles using Perfidious Albion.

Salamis ad Actium

Campaign Maps For your convenience we have made the attached PDF which has the campaign maps. These will be useful if you are using the printed version and will be easier to use than photocopying the booklet.

Stations Manned and Ready II

Rules Support Package Notes A summary of the contents of the Rules Support Package.
Gunnery Example Correction The corrected version of the gunnery example on page 39.
Game Template Booklet Movement and Torpedo templates, as well as templates for managing aircraft as well as aircraft carriers and air bases.
Maritime Aircraft Data This is an extract file only showing data for maritime reconnaissance aircraft. A full list of attack aircraft is available to buy on Wargame Vault. If you purchase any of the Battle sets which involved air attacks, such as the Battle of Midway, then the set comes with the required aircraft data.
Ship Data Catalogue (2020) This contains a list, by nationality, of all the ships for which data sets have been created. It shows which of the national data sets is required if you want to use a particular vessel. This list has been updated to incorporate the ships which were added.
Ship Data Card Description (2020) This is a guide to show you how to use the game record sheets in a game.
Ship Data Cards for Merchant vessels A selection of merchant vessels of all sizes for use in a game.
Ship Data Card Glossary (9 MB) This file gives you a detailed description of eevery field on the different types of Ship Record Sheet in use. The Glossary has been separated out into smaller files which cover specific parts of the sheets, or special cases. These individual components are listed below.
  Glossary Introduction
  Initial Data (pp 1 to 3)
  Armour (pp 4 and 5)
  Ship general capabilities (pp 6 and 7)
  Weapons and Arcs of Fire (pp 8 to 10)
  Special Weapons (pp 11 to 14)
  Critical Hits on Weapons (pp 15 and 16)
  Radar (pp 17 to 19)
  Applying Weapon Damage (pp 20 to 22)
  Heavy Anti-aircraft guns (pp 23 to 26)
  Aircraft Carriers, Common Game Data, Special Effects, Merchant Ships (pp 27 to 30)
  Using Small Craft - referred to as Type "X" in the rules (pp 27 to 30)
"Taster" Battles Here are a selection of 9 battles set in the three Eras covered by Stations Manned and Ready II. They will allow you get get acquainted with the way the rules operate.
  Battle of Cape Bon (12 Dec 1941)
  Battle of Coronel (1 Nov 1914)
  Battle of the Denmark Strait (24 May 1941)
  Battle of the Falklands (8 December 1914)
  Battle of Kolombangara (12/13 July 1943)
  Battle of Port Arthur (Oct to Dec 1904)
  Battle of the River Plate (13 Dec 1939)
  Battle of Santiago (3 Jul 1898)
  Battle of Tassafaronga (30 Nov 1942) ; also referred to as the Battle of Lunga Point.


Optional expansion to Gunnery Rule 6.9 This is an optional expansion to Gunnery Rule 6.9, which takes into account the difference between the piloting skills of the pilot of a fighter plane and its target.
Turning Templates Templates for use when manoeuvring aircraft. These are calibrated in centimeters and inches and have 30 and 60 degree angles.


Tsushima blank ship templates (interactive PDFs) The file is a Zip folder including 10 templates and an instruction document on their use. NOTE that if you "left click" on this link it will load onto your computer immediately into the Downloads area, so if you want it to go to a specific folder, we recommend that you "right click".
  There are a variety of sheets, for different sized vessels. Some sheets can be filled out with data for individual ships, while there are also sheets where you just fill in one set of data, and the rest of the sheet is filled up with the same data, apart from the ship name. This is useful for ships like destroyers.
  The one limitation is that you can only print these out when you have filled in the data. You cannot save the files unless you are using a full version of Adobe Acrobat.

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