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New for 2023

A new edition of the Officer's Handbook, bearing the subtitle Issue 2 is now available. We have also taken the decision to carry out a limited print run of this title. This is available from us at a cost of £25.00 including delivery in the UK. We are happy to quote for delivery to other destinations. Contact us by email for details of how to get this product.

The new edition of Scramble is ready. The rules incorporate all the game data for aircraft from the major powers as well as significant smaller nations. The new edition also has the following features.

Crew Skill generation has been changed reducing the chance of having extreme values.

Aircraft DV values have been revised so that they fit within a better range, removing some excessive values which were impossible to hit.

Air to air gunnery now makes use of batteries of guns in the wings, nose, turrets etc. The effectiveness of gun batteries is measured using the number of guns, the rate of fire, muzzle velocity and projectile weight. These factors determine the "to hit" bonus for the battery amd the number of damage dice rolled if the battery hits the target.

We have updated the rules for attacking ground targets and have also revised the scenarios, so there is more emphasis on air combat.

The new edition of Scramble will be available shortly (October 2023).

Plans for 2023


The following titles have been on the list for some sort of revision as time permits, and will be looked at this year.

  • Perfidious Albion - When we start to work on the revision for this title the existing Ship Grids (currently in Fighting Fleets) will be incorporated, so everything is in one place. There may also be some rule revisions. The Dockyard Manual will be separated out and become a download from the site here. The ships included will be reviewed and it is intended that they will be restricted to those that are appropriate to the Pre-Dreadnought era. In the current edition there has been some slippage and there are a number of what could be termed "modern" ships included. We are also looking at adding new Grids which will widen the scope of what is included. After incorporating all the Grids, the final page count will be very large, making a PDF only option attractive; the advantage of the PDF is that the Grids can easily be printed out at home.
  • Fire When Ready - There will be some revisions and corrections, incorporating the game data from Fighting Fleets.
  • Fighting Fleets - This title will be split and incorporated in Fire When Ready and Perfidious Albion, after which the title will be withdrawn.