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Grand Fleet Actions in the Age of Sail

Naval Wargames Rules for the Age of Sail 1580 to 1820

by Alan Butler


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The rules cover the era from the beginning of gunpowder (the Armada) through to the end of the era of fleet actions in the age of sail.

They offer a fast game system to enable fleet actions to be played and are uncomplicated, being designed to allow a player to use squadrons of vessels on the table top. The system gives the right feel to the action, bearing in mind that your role is an admiral commanding a fleet, rather than as captain commanding a ship. The intention is that each player should command at least 6 ships, and with experience two players should be able to complete Trafalgar in an afternoon.

There are 70+ different ship types spread over three historical eras. They incorporate 23 actions with fleet organisations and game data for the protagonists.


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Rules Support

Gunnery, Turning, and Sailing Templates, a Wind Arrow, Game Markers and blank Squadron Record Sheets for use with these rules are available in the following PDF:

Grand Fleet Actions Rules Support Package


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Rules Updates

Two rule revisions have been introduced. These cover "Station-Keeping" during the initial deployment, which is currently referred to as "displacement", and a suggestion to allow a greater freedom of action while a ship is out of command, depending on the crew quality. These rules will be incorporated in the next edition of the rules.

Grand Fleet Actions Rule Revisions (July 2013)

We have created a set of random "Chance Cards" which allow the game to be expanded in scope.

Grand Fleet Actions Chance Cards (2006)

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