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Fighting Fleets

Game Data for Perfidious Albion and Fire When Ready

by John Hurst, Andrew Finch, Clive McLeod and Hugh Munro


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This booklet provides Ship “Grids” for Perfidious Albion and Combat Data for Fire When Ready. There are about 200 classes of ship of all sizes provided from Austria-Hungary, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and United States, as well as some generic cargo ships.

For Perfidious Albion the 10 x 6 Ship Grids can be photocopied or transferred to blank ship cards as you wish. All the data you need to play the game is provided including gunnery modifiers and torpedo sizes. The points value for each ship has been calculated for a standard crew.

For Fire When Ready the game data has been calculated for the ships in the booklet and shows the gunnery data including gun type and penetration required for the game. The armour protection for ships has been assessed and is shown for all the locations needed for the game.

Note that this product is intended for use with Fire When Ready or Perfidious Albion, and a copy of either of these rules is required. Follow the links below to either of their product pages.

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You can also purchase Fire When Ready plus Fighting Fleets or Perfidious Albion plus Fighting Fleets as Bundles from WargameVault. Bundles offer a reduced price, and an indicative price is shown in the Product Summary box on the left. Links to the product pages on WargameVault are shown in the box on the right.


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Data Corrections for Fighting Fleets (v2 - 2005)

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