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Work in Progress (19th May 2019)

Ongoing review of all our Titles

This is going on in the background all the time, as we prepare some of them for “Print on Demand”, carry out general housekeeping within the rules (incorporating any corrections), and also decide which titles will NOT be transferred to “POD”.

"Fleet Actions in the Age of Iron and Steam"

The rule system is derived from that we have in Grand Fleet Actions, moving the period forward to that between 1850 and 1880. The system remains simple so that large numbers of ships may be used, without extensive bookkeeping. The introduction of protection of differing types is taken into account, as is the introduction of more potent weapons. Against Andrew's better judgement early torpedoes will be a feature. At the moment the development of this title is on hold.

Other plans for rules

The new set of air rules to cover World War I called Aerial Battles 1915-1918 has been released. The WW2 version will be presented by Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society at Salute in 2019.

A Quick Summary of our rule revision plans for 2019

We have slightly revised our plans and a revised programme is shown below. The list can be regarded as the order in which we are currently expecting to carry out the revisions. Perfidious Albion - incorporate game data, no POD; there will be a few rule revisions as well. Stringbags - will now NOT be withdrawn but will undergo a review of the game data. It is possible that there way be some alteration in game mechanisms. We took this decision because there is, we think, room for two set of rules, each with a different level of detail and complexity Fighting Fleets - will be split and incorporated in Fire When Ready and Perfidious Albion Fire When Ready - revision and correction, incorporate game data, make POD available Grand Fleet Actions - some rule revisions Fox Two - revision and correction, no POD. Scramble - is in the same situation as Stringbags. Angels 15 - the aircraft data in this title will be incorporated in Scramble during the revision of that title.
Work in Progress