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About Wargame Vault

We have been working for a few years with Wargame Vault, part of the US-based OneBookShelf organisation. All our titles are available to download in PDF Format from their site; some are also available to order as “Print on Demand” titles. The links to the products are shown with the Wargame Vault icon on each page in this website. There are a number of such sites now in operation and many of the classic wargame producers have stopped printing their rules and placed them as downloads, some free where they are supporting a specific metal product and some where payment is required. In all cases it does require honesty on the part of the customer, and some sites specifically draw attention to the fact that handing the file around to a wide circle of friends is effectively theft. Wargame Vault do actively pursue cases where files have been re-sold or otherwise distributed in contravention to their conditions of use.

Our Terms and Conditions when using Wargame Vault

Products are made available for your personal use only. Apart from the permissions as granted on page 1 of our products, please do not copy the data file wholly or in part, and/or distribute it to other users. If you do this, you defeat the purpose of our offering the product at a lower price for a download version, and this also works against our continuing to provide you with our products in this way.
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