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Naval Rules Naval Rules
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D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 Product Code AA121
Naval Rules


These rules are quick and simple to play providing a game in the period 1880 to 1906 not complicated by too much detail. The scale is 1 nautical mile to 10cm. The rules incorporate weather, spotting and minefields. The rules have been enhanced with the introduction of Crew Quality and the use of Contact Markers to replicate the initial uncertainty of where the enemy forces might be. A simple gunnery system requires a roll to hit with each gun, and an innovative damage system takes account of the range and penetration by specifying the dice that are rolled for damage. Torpedo and Mine attacks are resolved using similar mechanisms, so there is a consistent feel throughout the combat system. In line with the intention of the rules to provide a simple system, armour has been standardised for each type of vessel and guns have been grouped by calibre into 9 classes. A detailed differentiation between the performance of ships and guns is not used. Not all guns can engage all vessels, and the largest guns have a minimum range. A ship data list is provided covering the significant vessels of 10 nations in this period with over 130 vessels. A simple conversion system allows you to quickly put together the ship data you need for ships that do not appear in the data tables. Pre-prepared ship data records are provided for the vessels that took part at the Battle of Tsushima.
Tsushima Naval Wargames Rules for the Pre-Dreadnought Era 1880-1906 by Graham Short with revisions and additional material by Alan Butler and Andrew Finch
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