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Naval Rules Naval Rules
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1/2400 to 1/6000



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D6, D10 Product Code AA090
Naval Rules

(13 June 2017) This product has been superceded by other rules in our

catalogue; we have decided that it will be withdrawn at the end of December

2017. We are therefore offering this title at half price for the remainder of its



The rules are set at an operational rather than a tactical level. The system is based upon a detailed analysis of ship and weapon abilities for the period. Gunnery uses a fire effect table with no to hit rolls. Torpedo attacks also use a simple system. The game effects represent those significant hits which cripple a ship’s ability to fight effectively. The ground scale of 1 cm to 500 yards (4 cm to the nautical mile) and time scale of 1 turn to 15 minutes enable realistic movement and gun ranges, combined with the problems of locating and identifying the enemy. The system incorporates national skill ratings for commanders and crew, effects of weather and night, radar, hidden movement and spotting, carrier and air operations. The rules come complete with 700+ ships and aircraft covering the era from 1890 through to 1945.
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