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Game Data Errata

It has come to light that the British Era II Ship data sheets had a formatting error in the S/3e and F/3 fields, which caused these to appear as ‘####’ on the printed sheets. Thankfully a reader has drawn our attention to this, and the error has been corrected. The revised data set is available to download on Wargame Vault in the usual fashion. The same reader has also mentioned that the Swedish CB should be named Dristigheten. The re-naming ceremony has been carried out shortly, and the revised sheet will be posted here to download. In addition, there is now also a new sheet for this ship as a seaplane carrier. This can be found on the New Data page. Dristigheten (dataset 2307)
Stations Manned and Ready 2nd Edition Naval Wargames Rules for the period 1885 to 1945 using ships and aircraft by Andrew Finch and Alan Butler
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