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Naval Rules Naval Rules
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Naval Rules


These rules are set at a squadron level, allowing relatively large battles to be fought on a normal table in 2 to 4 hours. The period covered by the rules starts in ca. 1885, and the data sets in the system are compatible throughout so ships from all periods could be matched against each other, though this may not be recommended. Ship data is presented in sets for nations and time eras. The data sheets are fully prepared for you, so there is no need to fill out separate sheets. The only proviso is that when using smaller vessels you may have print several copies and the names will have to be entered individually by the player. Ships from cruisers upwards all have individual sheets, and all data sheets take account of revisions of armament at various times. Time scales are 6 minutes for a game turn, combat is regulated by the use of 5,000 yard range bands, which provide gun penetration values and torpedo hit modifiers. Armour protection is converted to an armour class on specific areas of the ship, taking account of the armour type and date. Damage represents those hits that cause significant damage to the target, and critical hits cause degradation of the combat effectiveness of ships. Command and crew quality are important and ships are commanded and crewed by men of mixed ability, generated using systems which players will recognise from other A&A titles. The chance of critical damage is keyed to the "size of the bang" involved, and the number of guns firing (in the case of ships). More guns means a more chances of causing critical damage, and larger shells/bombs mean a higher chance that critical damage will occur. Higher chances also mean that the damage effects may also be more extensive, because we have expanded the way in which the critical damage system works.
Stations Manned and Ready 2nd Edition Naval Wargames Rules for the period 1885 to 1945 using ships and aircraft by Andrew Finch and Alan Butler
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