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11th June 2019 Corrected typo in product Description of new edition of Bulldogs Away 19th May 2019 2nd Edition Bulldogs Away published 31st March 2019 Aerial Battles 1915-1918 published 19th January 2019 General site review and update 1st November 2018 Added new pages regarding Aerial Battles 1915-1918 29th July 2018 Revised Action Station page following issue of Edition 4.1 in PDF format 26/27th July 2018 New Update sheets for Officers Handbook, Tsushima and Jutland issued 15th April 2018 Officer’s Handbook Game Walkthrough added. 31 January 2018 PDF record sheets introduced 3 January 2018 Various updates; Sea Wars withdrawn from sale. 12 November 2017 Revised Updates added 1 November 2017 Officer’s Handbook Updates added 13 June 2017 We actually got round to to tidying up the website, particularly regarding our plans for titles, which are “a bit out of date” (to put it mildly !).
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10 May 2017 New pages added for Officer’s Handbook 22 August 2016 Added Link to Aerial Wargames Facebook Page 3 August 2016 Data corrections and new ship data for Stations Manned and Ready 25 April 2016 Minor adjustments to support material for Iron and Fire 21 April 2016 Stations Manned and Ready II - Edition 1.1 released. 16 December 2015 SMR II errata sheet corrected. 2 December 2015 Stations Manned and Ready II pages revised. 13 November 2015 Site Update covering new items available for SMR II. 13 May 2015 Site update following availability of Salamis ad Actium in new edition (1.1). 24 February 2015 Update to Quick Reference Page. New page for Iron and Fire 3rd Edition. QR sheet for Iron and Fire 3rd Edition added. 4 February 2015 Updates to the Product pages regarding the review of titles and the creation of Print on Demand titles. 14 April 2014 New Site opened for business.
This page will show a limited history of recent changes in the website, and it will not get as big as that in our old site. We will show just a brief description of any changes or additions we have made.