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Left-click to open; right-click to download Blank Fighter and Bomber Record Sheets are available in the following PDF: SCR Rules Support Package (PDF) There is a Clarification sheet which covered some questions raised back at Edition 3.0, but which is probably helpful in explaining why some of the rules mechanisms are how they are: SCR Clarifications (PDF) For occasions when you are shooting at an “impossible target” we have added a new rule (5.17) to take account of this. SCR New Rule (PDF) We created an expansion to allow players to make use of these rules for the Korean War. Early jets always come out with very high DVs so it is necessary to make use of the new “impossible target” rules (above) SCR in Korea (PDF) If players wish to expand their horizons and work out game statistics for aircraft not included in the rules, the following file has the Algorithms used in the current edition of the rules (3.2). SCR Algorithms (PDF)
Scramble ! Air Combat 1930 – 1945 by Alan Butler and Andrew Finch
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