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Air Combat 1930 – 1945

by Alan Butler and Andrew Finch


These rules cover this subject in more detail; for a simpler set of rules follow this link to

Aerial Battles 1939-1945


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These rules operate in three dimensions while only physically using two, height being indicated beside an aircraft. Weapon effectiveness is taken into account, and the skill of your aircrew is paramount. This is varied by nation and period to get the right feel for the game. The system also caters for game balance to ensure that no game is a walkover. There are simple rules for ammunition expenditure, Flak, Bombing, Night Actions, etc.

The rules are simple enough for a player to pick up the fundamentals quickly, and to control several aircraft. Experience has shown that a players can handle about 4 planes with ease.

There are a number of optional rules to make life even more exciting for the unwary, introducing new complexities into the game, as well as offering some emerging technologies.

While the rules are quite short, they are supplemented by introductory data with over 200 selected aircraft from the main theatres of World War Two. Players will be able to see the differences caused by new designs and trying to stuff more into an old design. Additional aircraft data is currently available in the supplement Angels 15.

Link to the Angels 15 page on this site.

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Quick Reference Sheets

There are no Quick Reference Sheets for this title at the moment.

Rules Support

Blank Fighter and Bomber Record Sheets are available in the following PDF:

Scramble! Rules Support Package

A set of Templates for use when manoeuvring aircraft has been created. These are calibrated for movement in centimeters or inches with angles of 30 and 60 degrees.

Turning Templates


There is a Clarification sheet which covered some questions raised back at Edition 3.0, but which is probably helpful in explaining why some of the rules mechanisms are how they are:

Scramble Rules Clarifications (2004)


There are no Errata at the moment.

Rules Updates

For occasions when you are shooting at an “impossible target” we have added a new rule (5.17) to take account of this.

Shooting at impossible targets (2014)

We created an expansion to allow players to make use of these rules for the Korean War. Early jets always come out with very high DVs so it is necessary to make use of the new “impossible target” rules (above).

Scramble in Korea (2014)

New Data

If players wish to expand their horizons and work out game statistics for aircraft not included in the rules, the following file has the Algorithms used in the current edition of the rules.

Scramble Algorithms (2007)

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