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Naval Rules


With these rules you can take command of the fleets of antiquity with oared galleys roaming the Mediterranean, maintaining control of your Empire and keeping the Pirates in check. In those days warfare was up close and personal. The wars between Greece and Persia, Rome and Carthage, The Roman Civil War, all are covered. You can ram, carry out oar rakes, board the enemy, fire archers and ballistae, hurl rocks from stone throwers. A list of 40+ ship types is provided, which with their variants adds up to a total of 80 data sets. There is also a points value system. We have incorporated a command system which allows for both good and bad commanders, and which has an effect on the flow of the action. The turn is of variable length and certain actions will only be permitted during an Intermediate Phase which happens at random. A simple campaign system is provided as a basis for those with Imperial ambitions.
Salamis ad Actium Naval Wargames Rules for Ancient Times by David Manley with Andrew Finch and Alan Butler
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