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We originally felt that we did not want to have Quick Reference Sheets (a.k.a. “Quick Play Sheets”) in our products, largely due page count issues. Furthermore there was an issue regarding mismatches between the content of the sheets and the body of the rules. We had problems with this, and have seen the same in other rule sets. We decided that we will produce Quick Reference Sheets for all our products as they undergo revision. These will not be part of the rules you purchase on Wargame Vault, but will be available free to download here on our website. All are in A4 format, with additional sizes where indicated. The following products are supported by QR Sheets: Action Stations 4th Edition Form Line of Battle 5th Edition - A3 is available Stations Manned and Ready II Edition 1.0 Stations Manned and Ready II Edition 1.1 Tsu Shima 2nd Edition Jutland 2nd Edition Iron and Fire 3rd Edition Salamis ad Actium Officers Handbook Aerial Battles 1915-1918 Bulldogs Away 2nd Edition Some products do not require QR sheets as there are relatively few tables to consult: Grand Fleet Actions in the Age of Sail A4 pages can be printed back to back to reduce the clutter on the table. A3 pages have been specifically designed so that when printing you should select “shrink...” or “fit to useable area”. This will then produce it on 2 sides of A4 in landscape format, which when folded gives you an A5 booklet. To access the Quick Reference Sheets navigate using the QRS Button and drop down menu at the top of the page. When using these, you must bear in mind that the body of text in the “rules as written” always prevails in the case of any difference between them and the QR Sheet. We hope that we do not make too many errors ! We welcome all feedback and suggestions about these sheets and their content. We feel that they should not restate the actual rules, and should not normally be bigger than 2 sides of A4 (though that could also mean 4 sides of A5 but in smaller print).
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