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Our initial change was from paper copies, for practical reasons. As we are getting older we realised that it was getting much more difficult to haul heavy loads of paper round the country. The cost of posting items through mail order was also rising inexorably, all of which increases the cost to the customer. The benefit of the change is that we have been able to keep the cost of our products down to a reasonable level. The customer can order his single copy, via the Wargame Vault, to print at home, or use with a digital device. Wargame Vault have introduced a Print on Demand facility (POD), which enables the customer to purchase a printed copy of a product. Many customers prefer to have a "hard copy" of the product. This facility is supported by printers in the USA, Great Britain and elsewhere in Europe, who print and deliver the product direct to you. The customer must bear in mind that a printed copy will cost more than the PDF download, and there will be a postage cost. Setting up the Print on Demand files takes a bit of extra effort, because we are also taking the opportunity to update the products. We are happy to prioritise products following customer demand, so if you have a wish list please let us know. Products so far available in “POD” format are: Action Stations Grand Fleet Actions in the Age of Sail Form Line of Battle Stations Manned and Ready 2nd Edition Tsushima Jutland Iron and Fire Salamis ad Actium The next products to undergo POD-ding are shown below. We are also reviewing all our other titles and will decide whether they merit being available as a printed version, bearing in mind that  some titles are really only practical in the form of a PDF product. Bulldogs Away Fire When Ready - this will incorporate the FWR ship game data that appears at present in Fighting Fleets Perfidious Albion - the ship record “grids” will remain as a PDF download product, which has a practical use for creating ship record sheets Scramble - this might incorporate a significant rules update.

Message to Wargames Traders

Print on Demand also means that you are able to order stocks of our rules. Traders should contact us for information on how this works, and on the level of discount available.
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