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Naval Rules Naval Rules
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D6, D10 Product Code AA070
Naval Rules

(19th January 2019) We have taken the decision that this title will not become

part of our POD range. As part of the ongoing product review we wish to

incorporate the Ship Grids used in the game into the main rules, so everything

is in one place. The advantage of the PDF for this product is that the grids can

easily be printed out at home; with a POD making copies would be impractical.

The work on this review will start during the early part of 2019.


The game system uses a broadside ship plan to record both the ship game details and the damage caused by shooting. Guns, turrets, conning tower, propulsion, steering gear, magazines and quick firers are all shown, and the damage system records hits and resulting damage. Also included are ship’s crew skills, differences in technology, armour penetration and torpedoes, weather, etc. The rules also allow for torpedo resolution and the use of mines. The Dockyard Manual is part of the rules, enabling the player to design his own ships for the game, either from historical sources or his imagination. Technological variety is allowed for, so that ships can range from early ironclads to modern (for 1910) warships. The booklet also includes some sample ships built using the design system. For pre-prepared Ship Grids for these rules, try Fighting Fleets
Perfidious Albion Naval Wargames Rules for the Pre-Dreadnought Era by John Hurst
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