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Left-click to open; right-click to download NEW The followjng file is an illustrated walk-through of a typical game, highlighting various aspects of the rules. Officer’s Handbook Game Walkthrough (PDF) The following document contains some Clarifications and also some Rule Revisions in the light of experience. Officer’s Handbook Update v4 (PDF) (26 July 2018) The latest update makes some changes in how you assess control of Objectives. These updates have not yet been incorporated in the PDF dowload vbersion of rule rules (currently 1.1). It is probable that we will issue a new Edition in due course. The following PDF files are updated Vehicle Data Tables for the following Countries: France (16 November 2017) Germany (16 November 2017) Great Britain and Commonwealth  (16 November 2017) Italy  (16 November 2017) Soviet Union  (16 November 2017) United States  (16 November 2017) There are no current updates for Poland or Japan. Quick Reference Sheets are available via the menu on the Navigation Bar.
An Officer’s Handbook for Tactical Operations in the Second World War using 15mm Model Tanks and Infantry by Alan Butler and Andrew Finch
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