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Land Rules


These rules provide players with all they require to fight land wargames set in the Second World War involving the major nations involved. We have included France, Germany, Great Britain and the Commonwealth, Italy, Japan, Poland, the Soviet Union, and the United States of America. This decision was influenced by the availability both of models and of reliable source information to help create the game data. We wished to be able to depict the sometimes subtle differences between different national characteristics, particularly regarding Infantry organisation and equipment, and differences in both weapons and vehicles. This book contains everything the Player needs to play the game. This means the rules, and the data tables. We decided not to include extensive organisation tables or scenarios. There is a wide range of material readily available which Players can use when putting their forces together. Players should feel free to prepare their games using historical formations, for which we provide guidelines about Unit structures, or they can be completely ‘free form’ with Units put together as the players wish. You should not, however, mix both styles. Historically, armies did use some fairly ‘ad hoc’ formations such as German Kampfgruppen with various arms of service all mixed together in Units. It was also quite common in the Western Desert for both sides to make use of captured equipment, which would give your games an additional ‘exotic’ flavour. The basic Units in the game are Platoons of Infantry or Tanks, and Batteries of Artillery. An Armoured Unit consists typically of 3-5 model vehicles; an Infantry Unit has 2, 3 or 4 Bases of Infantry, each representing a Squad; an Artillery Battery usually has 4 Guns, though there could be fewer or more depending on historical practice. It will normally have an Observer and, if it conducts an attack affecting an area, could be Off-table.
An Officer’s Handbook for Tactical Operations in the Second World War using Model Tanks and Infantry by Alan Butler and Andrew Finch
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* PDF issue 1.1 incorporates the contents of Updates issued up until 15 December 2017.