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From time to time we sell some models from our collections. Every so often you have to do a stock take and ask yourself, "do I need this?"", or "am I actually ever going to use this in a game"?

We usually make use of our Society Bring and Buy, however, during the rest of the year, we find "stuff" that we no longer need, and for which we want to find a good new home.

For practical and Customs reasons we are only able to deliver to locations in the United Kingdom.

How does this work?

The items on sale are all grouped into appropriate categories, such as SF, Naval, Tanks etc. and then listed as follows.

Each item shows a unique reference number, a brief description and the price. The prices include postage. Click on the reference number link which will take you to a page with one or more photographs and, if appropriate, more details. This means that you can click and see what you are interested in.

If you are interested in any of the items please email us at info@aandagames.co.uk and you should enter 'AAGE Model Shop' as the subject. List the items you want to buy and, most important, let us have your name and the delivery address (which must be in the United Kingdom). Requests will be processed on "a first come first served" basis and if an item has been requested by someone else you will be told.

When that step is complete you will receive a PayPal Request for Payment, and as soon as we have received this your items will be posted, and you will get confirmation of that.

You do not have to have a PayPal account yourself; it is possible to make a payment via PayPal using your debit or credit card, just follow the instructions on the PayPal site.

As items are sold the Product List will be updated.

Product List

17th Century 28mm

AB019 - Mounted Officer 1x 28mm Mounted Officer; £7.50
AB020 - Mounted Officer with bugle 1x 28mm Mounted Officer with bugle; £7.50
AF004 - Teghettoff 1x Austrian Battleship WW1; £15.00
AF005 - Viribus Unitis 1x Austrian Battleship WW1; £15.00
AF006 - Radetzky 1x Austrian Semi-Dreadnought WW1; £15.00
AF007 - Erzherzog Fr. Ferdinand 1x Austrian Semi-Dreadnought WW1; £15.00
AF008 - Admiral Spaun 1x Austrian Light Cruiser WW1; £15.00
AF009 - Austrian Destroyers 6x Austrian Destroyers WW1; £15.00
AF010 - Danton 1x French Semi-Dreadnought; £15.00
AF011 - Jaureguiberry 1x French Pre-Dreadnought; £15.00
AF012 - Leon Gambetta 1x French Armoured Cruiser; £15.00

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Science fiction 15mm

AB018 - VTOL Gunship 1x 15mm VTOL Gunship; £20.00

Science fiction 28mm

AB013 - Gorilla Gang 9x 28mm Armed Gorillas; £40.00
AB014 - Military Robots 5x 28mm Military Robots; £20.00
AB015 - Nuns with Guns 10x 28mm Armed Nuns; £40.00
AB016 - Skaven Plague Monks 9x 28mm Skaven; £40.00
AB017 - Giant Spider 1x 28mm(?) Giant Spider; £7.50

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