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Left-click to open; right-click to download Turning Circles (x2 for inch and centimetre movement), Firing Arcs, and blank Ship Record Sheets for five ship types for use with these rules are available in the following PDF: IF Rules Support Package 3rd Edition (PDF) For added excitement there is a set of Chance Cards that can be used during play: IF Chance Cards 3rd Edition (PDF) Additional rules including a Campaign system for the American Civil War, and Gun Firing Tables for Shore batteries are available. These can be used to add an extra dimension to your games and can be downloaded here (revised 25 April 2016): IF Additional Rules 3rd Edition (PDF) David Manley wrote some Solo rules to introduce you to the rules. These were written for the earlier editions of the rules, but are equally applicable to the 3rd Edition: Red River Blues (PDF)
Iron and Fire Naval Wargames Rules for the Ironclad Period - 1850 to 1880 by David Manley with revisions and additional material by Andrew Finch and Alan Butler
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