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Naval Rules Naval Rules
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Naval Rules


The American Civil War saw the beginnings of the use of steam-powered armoured vessels for naval warfare. The guns are smoothbore and rifled cannon, though in some cases of quite a large weight or calibre, which can cause significant damage. Ramming is a valid tactic, and can cause your opponent some headaches. In this edition of the rules the initiative roll from either side determines who will activate first for movement, then for shooting and finally for boarding, though play alternates between players in each phase of the turn. The gunnery rules show the minimum score to hit, and the gun penetration at a given range, as well as the damage inflicted when you hit the target. Critical Damage can be caused which will adversely affect the target. There are rules for ramming, mines and early torpedoes including fixed spar torpedoes, as well as shore batteries and forts, and howitzers and mortars to attack them. The rules also include over 300 game data sets for the American Civil War with: over a hundred Union Seagoing and River Ironclads, Seagoing Warships and River Gunboats. more than sixty Confederate Ironclads, Gunboats, Static Batteries, Commerce Raiders and Blockade Runners. plus Chilean and Peruvian vessels. Austrian and Italian Ironclads and Unarmoured vessels. Danish and Prussian Ironclads and Wooden steamers. as well as typical Russian, Turkish, French and British vessels, with additional data for generic transports. All the necessary information is also included to allow you to recreate further historic vessels of your choice (or you can design your own).
Iron and Fire Naval Wargames Rules for the Ironclad Period - 1850 to 1880 by David Manley with revisions and additional material by Andrew Finch and Alan Butler
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