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Naval Rules Naval Rules
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1/1200 to 1/3000



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D6, D10, D20 Product Code AA020
Naval Rules

(19th January 2019) This product is undergoing revision and will incorporate

the game data that is currently part of Fighting Fleets. It is hoped that this will

be done during 2019.


Fire When Ready covers actions with pre-dreadnought ships. They come with a set of rules for creating your game statistics for your vessels using published sources such as "Jane’s" or "Conway’s". The rules features an choice of game systems. The "Duel" Game is intended for use with a small number of ships and each ship has a captain and crew generated individually. The "Battle" system is for large battles such as Tsushima and ships operate in formations, each of which has a Commander and ships' crew ratings are generated for a formation. There are alternative gunnery systems offering simultaneous effects (which can be used with the "Duel" Game) or sequential effects based on initiative, in which shooting follows in order of initiative (highest scores shoot first) and where damage is applied immediately (this can be used in either game system). The gunnery rules include the effects of "crossing the T" and other features. It is now possible to achieve significant amounts of damage and multiple special hits. There are 10 scenarios and ready calculated ship data is provided so you can sit down and play any of them. For ready-calculated game data for these rules, try Fighting Fleets
Fire When Ready Naval Wargames Rules for Pre Dreadnought Actions 1880 to 1905 by David Manley
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