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Naval Rules


These rules enable you to take on the role of Hornblower RN, John Paul Jones or even Horatio Nelson. They are prepared in such a way that you can take command of a squadron of Ships of the Line, or on larger games with many players you may be given command of but one vessel. We would recommend that each player should have up to 3 vessels under his command. Experienced players could probably handle more once they have got an understanding of the game system. The basic rules are quick to learn, and there are a host of optional extras to give the feel for the period. The basic rules are designed for games set around the turn of the 18th to 19th Century, however they are equally able to be used for the Dutch Wars of the 17th Century, and there are rules covering this. The game sequence is managed using a card system, which randomises when, and whose, command and action phases happen. There are advanced and more detailed rules for actions using frigates and smaller vessels. 9 Scenarios and 25 typical ship classes are provided to get you into the game, as well as an easy to follow system to create your own ships based on historical research.
Form Line of Battle Naval Wargames Rules for the Age of Sail 1650 to 1820 by David Manley
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