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Left-click to open; right-click to download Blank Fighter and Bomber Record Sheets, as well as Squadron Campaign Rosters to record aircraft and aircrew as well as Missions flown and their success are available in the following PDF: F2R Rules Support Package (PDF) There is a text correction required because of a cut and paste error (sorry !) where “gunnery skill” should be replaced by “weapons skill”. F2R Corrections (Edition 1.1) (PDF) The following Clarification document covers some thoughts about the use of ECM and Stealth in the game: F2R Clarifications (Edition 1.1) (PDF) A closer examination of Air to Air Missiles caused uis to prodice the following revised table of these weapons: F2R Revised AAM Table (Edition 1.1) (PDF) If players wish to expand their horizons and work out game statistics for aircraft not included in the rules, the following file has the Algorithms used in the current edition of the rules (1.1.1). F2R Algorithms (PDF) There is one new Aircraft which we have added: F2R New Aircraft (PDF) To take account of Stealth Technology we have prepared the following additional rules. F2R Stealth Rule (PDF)
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