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Naval Rules Naval Rules
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Naval Rules


The rules are for the recreation of small naval engagements with Fast Attack Craft such as missile boats and smaller warships, mainly in coastal waters. The period covered runs from the late 1950’s onwards and allows for the use of aircraft and helicopters. The new 2nd edition of the rules has been updated to incorporate our standard A&AGE initiative system, where play alternates between both sides, with the winner of initiative deciding who will move the first unit each turn. To represent the uncertainty of modern warfare units on both sides may start the battle as unidentified “blips” or Contact Markers. Forces with inferior technology may be forced to deploy their units on table, rather than being “hidden”, while superior forces may have more “blips” than units, making it more difficult for the enemy to detect where the real units are. A Contact Marker may be detected and become a radar contact, though that must be visually identified before it can be attacked. You can only attack (or be attacked) if your unit has been placed on the table as a model. Movement is regulated by means of a system of speed settings, which reflect the maximum and minimum speeds at which the vessel may move in the current turn. The settings may be changed at the end of the turn to plan next turn’s movement, and they may also be altered due to damage.
Bulldogs Away !! 2nd Edition Fast Attack Craft Rules for the Period from 1950 by David Manley, with Alan Butler and Andrew Finch
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