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Left-click to open; right-click to download Firing and Fixed Torpedo Arc Indicators, Turn Templates and blank Ship Record Sheets for use with these rules are available in the following PDF: Action Station Rules Support Package (PDF) There are (regrettably) some Amendments to Edition 4.0 of the rules. The updates have expanded and now also include some changes to how Damage Control works, the effects of damage to steering, and of burning ships (which got missed when we created the 4th Edition). The recent Errata 3 also unfortunately failed to include the revised Visibility rules, which have been updated some more, and are now attached to the file below, which includes all previous errata. Action Stations Errata 4 (PDF) Quick Reference Sheets are available via the menu on the Navigation Bar.
Action Stations Naval Wargames Rules for Coastal Forces 1914 – 1953 by David Manley, with Alan Butler and Andrew Finch
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