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Naval Rules Naval Rules
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4.1 (PDF)* 4.0 (POD)

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1/600 and 1/1200



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D6, D10 Product Code AA011
Naval Rules


These rules are designed to fight actions in the First and Second World Wars and the Korean War. They provide the opportunity to refight skirmishes in the Channel, the Mediterranean and the Pacific with MTB attacks on Convoys and similar furious engagements. This edition of the rules has been updated and now uses the initiative system that appears in other products in the A&AGE range. Play alternates between the two sides, with the initiative winner deciding who will move first each turn. The time scale in the turn is now about 40 seconds, and the models move 1cm per knot on the table. The speed that vessels can move is regulated by the concept of Speed Settings, based on 1/4’s of the ship’s speed, and therefore constraining the model’s movement. Shooting now takes the rate of fire of a weapon mount into account in more detail, and gun mounts may roll more than 1 dice to hit. Guns with slow rates of fire are penalised. As the game turn is now longer, the damage inflicted has been increased, and there is a bit more differentiation between different gun calibres. Hull Damage and Special Damage is evaluated separately for each hit. Some weapons will not damage the hull but could affect the ship in other ways. You cannot sink a destroyer with a machine gun, but you could suppress the gun crews. Torpedoes are represented by individual tracks, so the player needs to have a good aim and be able to judge the distance to the target. The rules also allow for the use of Aircraft, Submarines, Minefields and Armed Merchant ships. The data annexe has been expanded and now covers over 250 vessels and 200 aircraft.
Action Stations 4th Edition Naval Wargames Rules for Coastal Forces 1914 – 1953 by David Manley, with Alan Butler and Andrew Finch
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* PDF issue 4.1 incorporates the contents of Updates issued up until 29th July 2018